About Us

At Angels and Ledgers we love hearing about your business. We want to know why you set it up and to hear your passion for it because that allows us to help you the best way we possibly can.

Angels and Ledgers is owned by Sarah Bruce who is a member of 'The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers' (ICB) She has to abide to high standards to practice under them. ICB is the largest bookkeeping organisation in the world, if you would like more information on them please visit their website

We are located in the county town of Hertford and Standon, where we love spending time with local and surrounding businesses.

A little bit about the proprietor Sarah Bruce

Where can she be found when not doing Bookkeeping? – At home with her 2 children and her husband. In her spare time she is a parent govenor for kids primary school.

Why did she set up Angels & Ledgers? – I wanted to have a career that fitted around my family and allowed me to help people with the 2 things I am good at, organising and being very logical.

When did she qualify? – After passing exams at Institute Of Certified Bookkeepers in 2012/13 to their high level, at least 90% pass rate. I finally was allowed to practice in April 2013.

What did she do before Angels & Ledgers? – I was a HTML and Flash coder for a while before moving into Web Development. My last job was with a well known Grocery Retailer championing the customer, making the grocery website work for them particularly for the blind customer. I loved working with the customers, finding solutions and then working with IT to implement the solution.


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