What is the difference between a Bookkeeper and an Accountant?

This is a great question, most people think that we are the same thing.

I like to use the analogy that the difference is very similar to a Nurse and a Doctor, you wouldn't put them on the same level yet you believe a nurse knows medicine and has probably picked up extra medical knowledge during their career. This is the same for Bookkeepers and Accountants, a bookkeeper is someone who looks after your day to day books, we will enter all your invoices and sales in to your accounting/bookkeeping system and can advise on you on your expenses, help you file your self-assessment and give you an overview on how your company is doing. Where as an Accountant will be able to look at your books and see areas where you could save money, advise how you could make your company run more efficiently, if changing your business in to a partnership or limited company is advisable and an in-depth knowledge of the tax systems, to start off with.

A bookkeeper keeps your financial records in order, allowing an accountant to look at them and advise you the best way they can. Another difference is that a Bookkeeper doesn't charge the same amount as an Accountant.


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